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A recent garage sale in Maleny raised about $1400 for the Ebenezer project in Zambia. Thank you to Lesley, Kate and Julie for helping Richard and Lenore with the sale of several items. As we have always said, 100% goes to the orphanage and school. Photos show the helpers working away and having a well-deserved lunch break. Read More >>

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The founder and executive director of the Ebenezer Child Care Trust, Ranji Chara, passed away on 6th August 2016. She will be missed desperately by her husband, her family, her staff and by no means least, by the hundreds of children who called her "Mum". Ranji was faithful to the very end, knowing with confidence that she was doing God's will for the youngsters of Livingstone and giving them hope for their futures where hope did not previously exist. Her work will go on but for the moment, our thoughts and prayerful support are with her loved ones. Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into your rest and your joy. Read More >>

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Friends of Ebenezer Australia continues to send funds directly to the Ebenezer Child Care Trust to help provide immediate and necessary help. These are urgent needs - food, shelter, clothing, medication and education. It is not all about establishing funds for building projects. Ranji recently sent an email in which she thanked a couple for a significant donation. She gave us a quick summary of the challenges that face them each and every day. Please read excerpts from her email. Read More >>

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The work goes on to continue the care and education of the young people of Livingstone, Zambia. Please donate to help this work to proceed and reach further. Read More >>

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Emmanuel is the latest baby received in the babies' home just a few days ago. Before passing away from illness, his mother packed a little suitcase for him, writing him a little note and committing him to Jesus. She also packed one of her dresses in that suitcase for him to remember her and systematically packed a set of clothes for him for each month as he grows up. Read Ranji's report on this precious child here. Read More >>

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The Ebenezer Child Care Trust seeks to give hope to young Zambians and continues to support them as they move beyond secondary schooling to Tertiary studies. Read More >>

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Young Mason has just turned 7 and for his last 3 birthdays he has asked for donations for Ebenezer rather than presents. Read More >>

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Regina is being given hope through the work of Ebenezer. Her face is just managing a slight smile now and can you blame her after what she has been through. Thank you for your support of this work. Read More >>

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While it is good to see the positive work done by the Ebenezer Child Care Trust, we should never forget the tragic stories that form the backdrop of so many of the children's lives. The confronting story of Regina Chilumbu and the hope and support she has gained form the Ebenezer Centre is often the stark reality behind the good news. Read More >>

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No one really knows what a year may bring forth, or even a day for that matter. But thanks be to God who is our Helper, thus far - we come bearing good news! Read More >>

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This story is provided by Ann and Keith Olford who support Ebenezer from England and whose church, Holy Trinity assists in the ministry. Recently, Ann and Keith visited the orphanage and their report on one of the boys, Davy, is included here. Read More >>

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A group from Queensland, Australia, are in Livingstone currently, participating in the life of the orphanage and school. Lenore and Richard Burton have been to Africa on several occasions and have taken others from Australia with them. Read More >>

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The Friends of Ebenezer Australia Inc fundraiser at "Opals Down Under" in the Sunshine Coast hinterland has raised in excess of $5000. This came about due to the generous support of the Ebenezer team and essentially, the participation of 130 people who enjoyed the fun of the afternoon and evening. When we receive news from Ranji like the following, we realise how important our work is. Read More >>

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Make this a date-claimer on your calendar - come along and enjoy this special unique fundraising event at Opals Downunder in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland, on Saturday 9 February. Thanks to the generosity of the proprietors, Friends of Ebenezer Australia is able to present an enjoyable evening and the opportunity to raise more funds for the orphanage and school. Read More >>

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Visitors to this site might remember Sara’s story. 850 gram Sara was fostered by the Ebenezer orphanage and the Friends of Ebenezer in Australia put out an appeal for funds to buy a humidicrib for this 2 month premature born babe. Thankfully, Maleny and Conondale people donated all the funds to buy this humidicrib as soon as the news hit the streets in the local paper “The Range News”. Folk say that “proof of the pudding is in the eating"; well, check out this little one's progress. Read More >>

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Thank you to all our supporters, whether it be through prayer, physical help, cooking and selling food, publicity, donations or purchases. The staff and children in the orphanage and school wish you a happy Christmas. Read More >>

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The children in the school are gradually moving up through the year levels. It is the vision of Ebenezer to build a secondary school and a trade training centre to enable the students to continue to learn and to acquire employment skills. Also, it is vital to keep the food production going in the Ebenezer farm. To help the babies, the students and to provide good nutritional food, you can help with the purchase of Gift Cards. Read More >>

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In early November, the Friends of Ebenezer Australia were the beneficiaries of a full weekend of Open Exhibitions and stalls at the Maleny Botanical Gardens. The hard work resulted in over $10 000 being sent immediately afterwards to the Ebenezer Child Care Trust in Zambia. Read More >>

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The name "Ebenezer" is a Biblical name from the Old Testament. Translated, it means 'Stone of Help" Read More >>

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MORE NEWS ON LITTLE SARA: I believe you will remember the Story of little Sara who was rescued from the streets of Livingstone. She is the daughter of a homeless woman who has a mental illness and Sara was found to have a very high temperature suffering neglect. The Social Welfare Department had to rescue the little girl for her own good and bring her to Ebenezer so that she could have good care and a proper home. After nearly 2 weeks of treatment by Dr. Chara, the child recovered well and is now living in the Toddler home, happy as a lark! Read More >>

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Here is Sara, who is now in the care of Ebenezer after being seriously ill. Read More >>

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Recently it was Measles Immunization day in Zambia and the Medical Team came to Ebenezer to vaccinate all our children under 15 years. We brought all our School kids too and they all got their vaccination. You will see from the photos that some are putting on a brave face. Ebenezer School has 350 children and we are bursting at the seams now, these children come from impoverished homes and most of them have nearly nothing to eat and no hope for their future. These kids who were once begging for food, now have 2 meals a day supplied by the School, a Free Education with all School supplies given to them, a good Christian Foundation to help them walk the right path, and love and care of our Teaching Faculty! Life here can’t get better than that! Read More >>

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Our new toddler who came to us last week is Sara. Sara is 2 ½ years old and her mother is a beggar on the streets who suffers an intellectual handicap. The woman eats from every dust-bin and has been feeding Sara garbage from dust-bins. Sara has no hope or security of a decent upbringing or education – none whatsoever! Last week the child got very sick, high temperature and worms pouring out of her mouth and everywhere. A good Samaritan reported this to the Social Welfare Department and the child was taken away from her mother. Read More >>

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We are born to belong to someone and the sense of belonging is within us. This is not only among humans but even birds and animals. To live under the shadow of a parent, to feel protected and provided for is most important for any kid! Read More >>

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Little girl joining in the fun at Ebenezer Child Care Trust School, Livingstone, Zambia. Just click on the arrow and watch. Read More >>

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On the 17th of last month Ebenezer celebrated its 10th anniversary. It seems hardly possible that it is only 10 years since Ranji commenced the work of feeding and caring for the children. Now Ebenezer has children's homes, a baby home, a school, a farm and land on which to build a Secondary School! Read More >>