A Life Transformed

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Horrifying sights and sounds were the experiences of five year old Davy Kaumba when he lived on the Congo border with his family.  But the situation got much worse. His home was bombed by Congo rebels. His mother and baby sister died. His father ran. Davy tried to keep up with his father, desperately clinging on to his father’s leg. They escaped across the water and climbed out on the other side, which was in the country of Zambia.

They made their way to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, because they had relatives living there. As if Davy hadn’t suffered enough, his aunt treated him unkindly, barely feeding him at all. When he sneaked out to beg for food, they caught him, hung him up, and beat him. One time, when he sneaked out, he met up with some older kids who said that they were going to jump the train down to the town of Livingstone. He quickly made up his mind to join them. The railway tracks were past their best so the journey seemed painfully slow, especially as they had to keep out of sight.

When they arrived, the older boys took Davy to Maramba Market, gave him some alcohol and told him to dance. He was an amazingly energetic dancer and they collected money from people to watch him perform. It was there that he was found by some nuns who took him to Ranji Chara at Ebenezer Child Care Trust.

Davy took a long time to settle down but his life now had a regular pattern, including three meals a day, free education, and Christian care. Davy’s life has been transformed. He has made his own Christian commitment and is near the end of his secondary education. He is particularly talented in music and art.

His life was truly transformed with the help of Ebenezer, a charity supported by Keith and Anne Olford and also by Holy Trinity Church in the UK.

To donate to Friends of Ebenezer Australia, go to a donations page in this website.


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