Embracing the lost and the hopeless

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Livingstone has no such Institution for such cases, it is so sad, but we do the little we can by taking the children into good care.  I thank God that my husband was at hand and he immediately treated Sara and only today she seemed well and had a worm-free day. Her temperature is also normal.  We had to shave off her hair because they had lice and we also burnt her clothes she came in, they were so dirty. Her skin is already changing, and she is getting used to the Ebenezer family, when I gave her a doll, she wanted to tie ‘her baby’ behind her back! She is becoming quite chatty now after so many days of silent wonder! Our Toddlers have now moved into their own home and they are very happy there. They feel grown up and very content. They have simply everything a child needs to live a happy life.  They also attend PLAY-SCHOOL with Aunty Leah, who loves them very much!

4-day old Baby Alex who was brought in this morning from Kazungula. His mother, a 15-year old girl, died two days after his birth. Although Alex will never know his mother, God has given him so many loving hands who will see him through life’s journey, a journey with hope, love and a stable family – he has so many brothers and sisters here who are lovingly watching him grow. My boys came with me to the Baby Home, helped me pick some clothes for him and prayed with me as we accepted this baby. They lovingly fondled his little toes, it was very emotional for all of us, and we share a common joy of hope for this baby’s future!

Today is Measles Immunization day in Zambia and the Medical Team came to Ebenezer to vaccinate all our children under 15 years. We brought all our School kids too and they all got their vaccination. Ebenezer School has 350 children and we are bursting at the seams now, these children come from impoverished homes and most of them have nearly nothing to eat and no hope for their future. These kids who were once begging for food, now have 2 meals a day supplied by the School, a Free Education with all School supplies given to them, a good Christian Foundation to help them walk the right path, and love and care of our Teaching Faculty! Life here can’t get better than that! 

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