Everybody needs somebody.

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We are born to belong to someone and the sense of belonging is within us. This is not only among humans but even birds and animals.  To live under the shadow of a parent, to feel protected and provided for is most important for any kid! Above all we want to be loved and cared for; we thrive


under love; we become irrational and even inhuman when we are not loved. On the 17th of this month Ebenezer clocks eleven years of love and care to children found on streets, on waysides, trampled down and left aside hurt and rejected.  Such children react with rebellion, anger and mistrust towards every adult until they find love, God’s unconditional love – in our hearts!


Our Baby Home is getting filled up very fast. This little baby was brought in a few hours after his birth when his mother died after being transferred to the General Hospital from a nearby village.  I named him Moses. There are 14 babies now and our Toddler section is full to capacity. Our last arrival Earnest was traumatized by a very unkind aunt and grandmother, who starved him most of the time and sent him to school unwashed and unkept. He was a very sad 5 year old before coming here but now his life has changed so much we can barely recognize him from the unhappy little boy he was! Surely children need to be loved deeply!  All they ask for is a little attention and genuine love.



Everybody needs somebody, and I am needed by my daughter in Sri-Lanka. She will soon have her first baby and she needs her “Mom” to be near of course! So if you don’t hear from me until the end of June, that’s where I hope to be. My sister Delrene will be here to help Leah and Ian carry the load and care for the children. Last but not the least our new Website is ‘live’ now thanks to the efforts of Murray who is paying for it and Susan who has worked on it tirelessly, bless their hearts! Please click on to www.ebenezerchildcare.org and you can watch out for the latest news and photos. God bless you and we love you very, very much. A great Big Thank You from all the kids and myself - Ranji




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