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The need for financial support to the Ebenezer home and school is as great as it has ever been.  The current situation is that the Ebenezer Child Care Trust is feeding 323 children at the moment but as well as that it is also supporting about 8-9 families with monthly food rations. This monthly support is also increasing by the week as we hear reports of several families in dire need.
Also the number of HIV/AIDS kids in the school has increased as more young ones were taken in recently. These young ones are on very special diet throughout the week and also during the whole month of the school holidays. They are given milk and eggs daily with chicken, veggies and yogurt to help their digestion.

Through some generous donations to Friends of Ebenezer Australia we have been thrown another lifeline.
Bless you for these additional funds that will go a long way for us.
With all our love and thankful blessings

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