Newsletter January 2014

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No one really knows what a year may bring forth, or even a day for that matter. But thanks be to God who is our Helper, thus far - we come bearing good news! All our pupils who sat for public exams, such as Grade 7 and Grade 9, have passed well and are now in School.  It was quite a challenge to find School fees for all our kids at first, but again we praise God for helping us through some valuable friends and partners right in the nick of time. Our kids have been very excited to get into new schools, new classes -  and we hope they will do well in their studies, under the watchful eyes of their teachers and Dr. Prithi who brings regular reports of their progress. Saturday is a very busy day again with tuition classes in the mornings and various programs in the afternoons which includes youth activities with Delrine and Prithi. Our Library is now being built and we will soon have it packed with many books to read and computers for the advancement of the older children.


Our 3 older boys showed interest in farming last year so we asked them to follow a Student Internship Program on our farm which was done to our satisfaction,  so during the course of last year we sent them to Lusaka to N.R.D.C. (Natural Resources Development College) to sit for entrance exams to do Diplomas in Farming and animal husbandry.  Bukiya and Melvin passed their exams and are now in Lusaka following the Course.  The Courses are extremely tough and they work you to the bone, but we believe our boys have what it takes and we are pretty sure they will do well.  In the meantime Masilisso is doing a good course in Libes  (Livingstone Institute of Business Education School) in Livingstone.  Their courses are very expensive but we managed to pay towards the first term.



And Leah who came to us 13 years ago as an orphan teenager, hopeless, helpless and lost, has now found direction in life. She is the Headmistress of our School and just graduated from her Second Diploma in Education.  She is the first one to wear her hat and gown and she passed her Diploma with a Distinction, much to the pride of us all. The Function was held at Mulungushi Hall, Lusaka a short while ago and Bukiya and Melvin who were already in Lusaka attended the ceremony.  



Each of these children deserves every chance we can give them to reach their fullest potential - and more.



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