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Restoring a broken heart
The story of a child in the Ebenezer Trust School


You are a 10 year old girl in a home where your father is jobless. Your mother has gone to do a small business that only enables you to have a meal a day and you are left to fend for yourself the rest of the day. This is the story of Regina Chilumbu, a girl doing Grade 2 at the Ebenezer Trust School.

 Regina was at home with her young siblings on February 6th 2014 when an unknown man lured her to watch television at a commercial sex worker’s house. He was the client of this lady. This is a cluster of homes where there is only one Television set and children get to peep through the door to watch it. It’s fun for them but it has also been bait against Regina who was dragged into the house and raped by a client of the commercial sex worker. At such a tender age, Regina already faces the threat of HIV/AIDS infection, stigma and emotional wounds that take years to heal.













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