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She found the first days a bit hard to adjust to her new lifestyle however, for instance she had never slept on a bed before and when she was put to sleep in our cute little Toddler beds, she instantly jumped down from it and slept on the floor. But after several days of patient talking and coaxing, she agreed to try the bed, much to our relief!

She was also not used to a good nutritional diet, but after much coaxing she is now enjoying her veggies, fruit, chicken, beef, and milk which the Toddlers have on their daily menu. She is also smart as a button and has now joined the little ones in the Nursery Class, singing poems, playing games, running and playing like any other normal child!

By the Grace of God she will have a good future along with all her little friends who had no hope in this world!


My joy is complete when I see these happy little faces. Esther, our first baby, is now nearly 5 years old. She is getting to be a grand lady, does all her school work in double quick time and goes around the table helping other kids older than herself! Samuel is still ‘clingy’ and wants to be held all the time. Sara who was the last to come into the Toddler Home, lays claim to me as her ‘Mum,” and pushes off all the others the moment she sees me!

So we have a ‘normal home’ with little bits of fights and quarrels, and lots of fun and play!

One of my oldest boys Austin came to visit me just a few days ago from Lusaka where he is supervisor of about 8 Pastry Chefs in a leading Hotel there.  In 2001, I found Austin (14 yrs at the time) with a very sick mother who was a widow and a little brother and sister. The mother was bed-ridden and Austin stayed at home to nurse her and cook for the rest of the family, he gave up schooling since there was no other option.  I took all the monthly groceries for them every month - right down to salt! We tried our best to pull her out of the sick bed but sadly a year later she died. Austin came to me a day after burying his mother telling me he sees no future for himself with his selfish relatives; I took him and had to coach him with a lot of extra tuition since he missed so much school. Once he passed his Grade 9, I put him into Sun International and a year later he was in the cooking department training as a Pastry Chef.  He stayed there for 4 years gaining much experience and is now holding a fantastic job in a leading Hotel in Lusaka.  His dream is to be able to go outside the country and get some Paper Qualifications.

He nearly wept to see our Baby Home and the Toddlers. He has never forgotten what Ebenezer has done for him and is overjoyed to see so many other Orphans helped like he was. I see Morgan, Austin, Leah and Yande – the great change Ebenezer has brought in their lives and I say, “Thank You, Lord.”

Thank you for being there for so many of our precious kids whose world has changed – only because you were there!

God bless you!

With love as always from all of us and with grateful hearts we say,



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