There are two ways to donate to the important work of the Ebenezer Child Care Trust. You can do both if you wish, since they each target different parts of the program. The first way is through a direct deposit into the Friends of Ebenezer Australia Account. By doing this, you will be contributing to the operational expenses of the Babies' Home, the Orphanage and the Primary School. (See below for details and examples).

To contribute to the day to day running of the program, please make a direct deposit into this account:

Friends of Ebenezer Australia

bsb: 014645

account number: 486397801

Reference: your full name

and alert us to your donation by sending an email to or phoning 0754296194. NOTE - THIS DONATION IS NOT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

Cheques are still acceptable. Make them out to Friends of Ebenezer Australia and post to PO Box 49, Maleny QLD 4552 with a short note.

The other way is to make a tax-deductible donation to "RAWCS" (Rotary Australia World Community Service).

Friends of Ebenezer Australia is supported by the Rotary Clubs of Maleny, Queensland, Australia and Livingstone, Zambia. The aim of these clubs is to assist with donations utilised at Ebenezer for development purposes. The major development project at this time is the construction of a Secondary School. Donations made through Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) are normally tax deductible in Australia. 


In 2007, with the support of the two Rotary Clubs, RAWCS adopted our project for inclusion in their funding arrangements to allow them to issue donor tax receipts. A committee of the Rotary Club of Maleny meets with Friends of Ebenezer Australia to assist with business arrangements. 

This ensures that Friends of Ebenezer (Australia) complies with Australian Government requirements for overseas aid projects.The Rotary Club of Livingstone, Zambia, releases and monitors the use of the funds by the Ebenezer Child Care Trust in Livingstone.

When you make a donation via the RAWCS on-line system you will be emailed a receipt within minutes and your donation will be placed into a RAWCS Project Account. The funds are released on approval from the Rotary Club in Livingstone which works closely with the Rotary Club in Maleny.

To make a donation click on the DONATE NOW button. This will transfer you to our project page on the RAWCS website. Just follow the instructions to complete your donation.

Below are examples of how your donations to Friends of Ebenezer Australia may be used:


Help one pupil to attend school

The staff bill alone for the Ebenezer Child Care Trust is over $160 000 (AUD). That's about $14 000 every month in wages alone. In addition, it costs around $9000 a month to run the school, which has over 300 pupils.  This provides resources for classes, food, clothes, counselling and medical care.  

AND there are easily 150 needy children on the waiting list. A donation of A$70 will provide for one child for one month and A$840 for one year.


At the present time, there are Ebenezer homes for boys and girls who have no other relative to care for them. 

A home for orphaned babies and toddlers was opened in September 2010.  An office has been built on the same site as the homes, and just requires some finishing touches. 
A donation of $15 will provide a set of clothes for a child.

The Farm - Fresh Food

Ebenezer has purchased 18 hectares of farmland so that it can provide fresh food for the children.  It will also provide work for some Ebenezer children when they leave school. 

Eventually, surplus food will be sold to provide an income for Ebenezer.   A donation of $100 will fund a farm worker for a month.